Pastor Gilberto Obregon

Hispanic Ministry Pastor

Pastor Gilbert Obregon was born on February 19th in Laredo, TX. His parents, Gumaro and Maria Obregon, raised him in the Webb County area. He received his childhood education through the Webb County School System, and later enlisted in the United States Army, where he is trained in the career field of Information Systems Technology. In addition to being trained in information technology he has also been trained and served as Battalion Equal Opportunity Representative and Battalion Re-Enlistment Advisor. Recently, Pastor Obregon transitioned back into civilian life and is now a government contractor in the Washington, D.C. area.Although Pastor Obregon had enjoyed success serving in the military, God had a higher calling for him. The Pastor joined the 12:15 Collective Protestant Gospel Service in Taegu, Korea, under the leadership of Bishop Nelson K. Williams and his outlook on life changed. Bishop Williams’ mentoring and leadership was not only an inspiration, but also instrumental in teaching Pastor Obregon of what it really meant to live a life that is set apart for Christ. Early during this assignment, he met the beautiful Zadie May Martinez during a festival being held for military personnel and their families. The two married on December 21, 2000 and they grew together spiritually.As time progressed, Pastor Obregon received his minister’s license under the Church of God Denomination and served as a minister/armor bearer at Deliverance Church of God, in Copperas Cove TX. Four years later upon return from Iraq, Pastor Obregon’s new assignment brought him and his wife to the D.C. Area. Several months later, the Lord answered his prayers of one day reuniting and allowing him to serve under Bishop Williams’ ministry. He joined Unity Christian Fellowship International (UCFI) and began serving as Minister/Armor bearer. On October 2006 he was ordained as an Elder under the Holy Deliverance Churches of God, Foundation of the Truth Incorporated and assumed the duties of the Hispanic Church Pastor in UCFI. Pastor Obregon is the father of four beautiful children, Andres “Andy”, Isabelle, Selena and Samuel.    En Espanol?